The core principle of The Level is to reduce the impact of consumption, through promoting a circular economy.

By changing attitudes towards pre-loved clothing and replacing the need for new items with pre-loved ones, we believe we can create an attractive, accessible and realistic low-impact alternative to trend driven fashion consumption.

As part of our deep commitment to sustainability, we have also set out a wider base of core sustainability principles.

sustainable sustainability plastic eco

Disposable Plastic

Dealing with the plastic crisis threatening our planet is one of the greatest ecological issues facing our generation, therefore The Level is based on a plastic free principle.

We avoid using disposable or single use plastic items in the daily operation of the brand.

We also don’t ship or package any items in plastic bags or mailers.

We choose refillable pens and stationary for the office, wherever possible.

sustainable sustainability packaging eco

Responsible Packaging

We use fully biodegradable and recyclable mailers and cardboard boxes to ship your orders.

Our mailers are made from tough Kraft paper, padded with a 100% recycled paper fibre lining.

We also wrap items in recycled silk paper, which is also fully recyclable and biodegradable.

Our packages are secured using ecological, unbleached packing tape made from 60% bio based material with a 100% recycled cardboard core and solvent-free adhesive.

We might also send you a handwritten thank you note, made from our up-cycled studio backdrops.

sustainable sustainability eco carbon emissions shipping

Carbon Emissions

Activities such as the transportation and shipping of goods, produce carbon dioxide through energy consumption and the burning of fuel.

We aim to be a carbon neutral company and deduct €1 from the profit of every order, to donate towards reforestation projects in Portugal, which help to sequester carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Eventually we hope to secure a complete carbon offset for all of our operations, and aim to structure The Level so that it can be carbon neutral indefinitely.

vintage leather blazer ethical materials

Unethical Materials

We choose to sell second hand leather and oil-based synthetic fibres as part of The Level.

From an environmental and ethical standpoint we do not support the production of new goods with these materials and understand the impact they continue to have.

However, we hope that by offering these items pre-loved we can reduce the demand for new goods manufactured from these materials, whilst also preventing existing goods from going to landfill.